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Review translated from Spanish:


“The Swedish band ESCAPING AMENTI are releasing their debut album “Awakening”, released through Big Balls Productions​.

The band, originally from Malmö, Sweden, is composed of Strife and Umbra on vocals, Anim͏us on bass and keyboards, Ranzal, Shemseth and Anaktïsi on guitars and Mangler on drums.

The first topic that we find is “Awakening”, which with a lot of ambient sounds opens us little by little the door to this introductory theme, which more than anything, positions us on the atmosphere that we are going to come across in the rest of the topics, and he gives us footing to “The Gathering”, second topic of the work. Here they introduce us with electronics that at the moment break with quite blunt guitars that mix with the electronic part. Later they give us quite powerful guttural voices, which, mixed with the instrumental part, leave us very heavy and aggressive rhythms. They are even capable of composing more energetic parts, giving us rhythms with melodic voices, and with more constant components.

“Voice of Mankind” sounds right at the equator of the album, where we find ourselves before a four-minute song that starts mixing electronics with slow guitars, which at times become much heavier structures with bass sounds. In the refrain they change the sound a bit and give us more frenetic rhythms along with a clean voice and chorus, which undoubtedly create good contrast, and complement the rest of the compositions, achieving a great theme.

Approaching the end we came across “Memories” that opens us through a quiet sound of rain that transforms into rhythms of slow guitars, along with a melodic voice that breaks the molds of the rest of the songs. In spite of this, they add some more heavy part, but without so much aggression or guttural voices, the melodic voice being the one who forms the vocal line. Undoubtedly, a different topic, but very interesting, that completely breaks the dynamics of the work, but leaves a good taste in the mouth.

“The Secret of the Past” is the last song on the album. Here we have more than six minutes of pure strength, which begin with guttural voices accompanied by aggressive guitars and a solo that breaks with tranquility through furious notes. The mixture of aggressive melodies and clean voices is a success, especially with the introduction, in this part, of small guttural choirs; Without a doubt a good decision. In the rest, aggressive voices and structurally furious compositions are responsible for wasting energy on all four sides, through aggressive sounds and very fast tempos. In short, a great subject to dismiss.

This first album of ESCAPING AMENTI is a work full of aggressiveness, starting with instrumental parts and ending with voices, which undoubtedly make the whole set of compositions enjoy an overwhelming aggressiveness. The inclusion of certain electronic parts and clean voices get them to maintain a touch of freshness and variety that is always appreciated. Undoubtedly, they are able to maintain our attention for a long time, so if yours are aggressive rhythms and very powerful voices, it is a job that you should miss, because you will find something that is to your liking.”


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